Q - How much will it cost?

A - Your website can cost as little as £185.00 This will include the cost of registering a domain name and 1 years hosting, it also includes the design work and submitting your website to Search Engines.


Q - How long will it take?

A - Your basic website could be online as quick as one week, once the relevant information has been received. However, a more complex site may take longer, but I am happy to implement a presence at your domain while completing the site.


Q - How much knowledge do I need?

A - None. I take care of everything. All I ask for is your expertise in your field of business to guide me with the website's detail.


Q - What about Search Engines?

A - Whilst designing the site all the tricks we know to optimise your site for Search Engine acceptance will be incorporated, then your site will be submitted to as many Search Engines as possible, this service is included in the price.


Q - What is web hosting?

A - Ever stop and think, "Why is my favorite website available every time I go online?" The answer is simple. They have their website on a computer whose sole purpose is to sit, connected to the internet, waiting for surfers like you to come by. This service is called website hosting. With a quick transfer of files, your site is copied to the web host computer and is instantly available for anyone passing by to see! SOSWEB offers a full range of hosting services.


Q - Are there any on going charges?

A - There are no monthly charges. Hosting and domain registrations is charged annually, you will pay your first year when the website is built and uploaded and then invoiced once a year. If you choose to have a Content Management system on your website, this will also be charges annually.